Misery Loves Company and Burpees

It is time to refocus and try some different methods of strength, conditioning, food intake, and CrossFit for over all better physical and mental health….So where does that fit in between kids, dogs, work, coaching and my motivation? Honestly, I am working on figuring that out, I will keep you posted on progress and in the mean time this is what keeps me sane at the moment…

First, I decided I am dedicating myself to burpee’s in the morning, I know burpee’s are down right horrible and just 10 can take your breath away. Why do I like them; because you can do them anywhere and you can challenge yourself in different ways such as:
7 minutes of Burpees
100 Burpees for time
5 minutes of Burpees
Tabata Burpees
3 sets of 20 Burpees
Burpee Mile– OMG for complete punishment try the Burpee Mile- you do a burpee and instead of jumping jacks do a long jump- rinse and repeat for a mile! Ok this one does not sound quick at all but I might have to attempt this just because it exist! Maybe it would be good to try a Burpee 400…then go for the mile. This would be good to do with more people too- misery loves company.

The list goes on….my idea is to keep it quick / simple and I want to keep up a sustainable pace; while focusing on form. Thus allowing me to roll out of bed, drink water, do some stretching, get on with a quick WOD, shower, get dressed, and go ahead with the days events….

Of course I plan to mix this with regular WOD’s, lifting and a 5k run on Sunday…for now you have to start somewhere and burpees seem like a good idea. ūüôā


12.3 over and done

CrossFit Games 12.3 has come and gone… how did I do?
15 Box Jumps 20 inch box for women
12 Push Press 75 lbs for women
9 Toes to Bar….
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

How did I do…well not as great as I wanted… box jumps were good, Push press was heavy for me and end up split jerking, and then I moved right into Toes to Bar. Then it became all about just getting one….I was about 1-2 inches away from touching the bar and just couldn’t do it.
Why? Lots of things were going wrong…strength, flexibility, frustration and I just need to work on it.¬† Honestly it is a skill I am not always focused on….I found a limit and now I have a goal to work on.

In the end, I am happy with the 20 inch box jump and 75 lb push press!

Luck of the Irish!

Hmmm….luck of the Irish…did you find your pot of gold this weekend?¬†

At the end of my rainbow was 12.4 Crossfit Games WOD:
AMRAP in 12 minutes of
150 wall-balls (14 lbs) 9 ft – women
90 DU
30 MU

How did I do….I completed 115 Wall-balls in 12 minutes….and let me tell you…my legs remind me with every step I take! ¬†¬† ūüôā

Let’s just say these twinfreaker’s are having more fun with curb- burepee’s!


Simple Chicken Soup


Could it be this easy?¬† So you forgot to plan dinner…luckily…you happen to¬†have some chicken breast, fresh and frozen vegetables.

So what’s next…get your favorite soup pot out and boil your chicken until done.¬† Then remove chicken, let cool¬†and add your veggies carrots, celery, green beans, onion, peas, broccoli,¬†zucchini, squash….really whatever you love add to the broth…shred your chicken and add back to the pot and cook¬†until veggies are tender.

Another option that I really like is to grill¬† your¬†chicken…however…you will need chicken broth.¬† If you have¬†the broth, throw the veggies in and¬†dice¬†up or shred your¬†grilled chicken; cook until veggies are nice a tender.

Missing the potato?¬† You really don’t need it with all the great veggies and chicken in there.¬† Just try it with out and you will see.¬† Still miss it…try it with sweet potatoes (the yellow ones not yams which are orange inside).¬† Just, peal,¬†chop or cube up the sweet potatoes and cook until tender.

This is so basic and anyone can do it.  Plus kids love it too and it makes great left overs.



Easy snack


I crave salty and crunchy snacks….crispy Lays chips look innocent but they are my nemesis….So to battle this, I have switched to almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans. I try to carry these with me or keep a stash at work.¬† ūüôā

Row and then row some more


So if you asked me last week, do you like rowing?¬† I would have said, you know I prefer to run or work on my double-unders…

So what has changed?¬† Well I had the privilege of taking the Concept2 Rowing Cert course at TwinFreaks CrossFit with Terry Smythe.¬† It was fun, full of great information and inspiring.¬† Being somewhat new to rowing….I’ve never rowed more in one weekend.
I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned!

We ended the day with the above Row/ Crossfit WOD.  It was excellent!

Thank you to everyone who was there this weekend and thank you Terry and Sarah!

Crossfit Games 12.2

Just shrug, open your hips, drop under and let the bar float up…sounds simple, right? When you do it right it is simple and the bar really floats up as you drop under to catch it….and it feels amazing when everything connects!

Tonight I tried Crossfit Games WOD 12.2 Рthis consists of 30 snatches at 45 lbs for women, then 30 more at 75 lbs and then another 30 at 100 lbs Рdo as many reps as possible in 10 minutes.

How did I do…well I flew through the¬†first 30 at 45 lbs…as I knew I was going to have a hard time with 75 lbs¬†since my max snatch is 65 lbs…I had a great partner who helped keep me on track and focused on form.¬† I was able to complete 10 more at 55 lbs and as my time slipped away I really wanted to get at least 65 lbs.¬† By that point, I was done¬†and failed.

Over all I am happy with what I did but it would have been awesome to get 75 lbs.  So now I know what I need to work on next.

Awesome job to everyone at TwinFreaks Crossfit!